The Legendary QcK Just Got Bigger

Never again run out of mouse tracking space in the middle of battle. The legendary QcK mousepad now provides complete desktop coverage for all your gaming peripherals.

Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy

High thread count and smooth surface optimizes mouse tracking for both optical and laser sensors.

Best Steelseries Mousepad of 2021

Gaming, programming, working is fun as long as we are getting smooth functionality from all our units. Has this ever occurred to you when you are using a mouse it sounds all scratchy and painful? There’re a lot of people among us who are especially disturbed by that awful scratching sound!

Were you ever under a situation where you couldn’t drag your cursor at the right icon? Hell, you even doubted your computer skills for it? Why is this happening? You either don’t have a mouse pad or the proper mouse pad! But with the mouse pads from SteelSeries, you’re bound to enjoy super smoothness and functionalities.

1.SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - Medium Hard

We are in absolute love with the speed this pad gives. It’s the flash of the mouse pad world. Pros designed it correctly.


This is made from polypropylene. The accuracy level is top-notch. The friction can be a bit tough to deal with.

2.SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - XL RGB

SteelSeries designed this mouse pad for both your keyboard and mouse. It also has to pop RGB lighting that makes your desk prettier. A wired connection facilitates the mouse pad to display notifications.


The micro-woven cloth brings maximum accuracy. The bottom prevents unwanted movements. However, the mouse movements sound noisy.

3.SteelSeries QcK Edge - Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

If you are looking for an extra-large mouse pad, then this should be your pick. This is the best option for programmers who uses two PCs side by side. One single mouse pad can hold two mice. We love the frayed stitching at the end, which stabilizes the cloth.


The cloth is micro-woven for the best hand controls. The mouse sensor is excellent for tracking movements. It feels a bit rough but works fine.

4.SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth - Gaming Mouse Pad

Just set up the USB cable, and you are ready to go with the mouse pad. The illumination, the smooth gliding, will keep you mesmerized. You will love this waterproof mouse pad.


The cloth gives the maximum clothing. Get game notifications on the keyboard. We wish the cable was a bit shorter.

5. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad-Goblin Edition

We don’t want to destroy your intense gaming or work session. Hence this SteelSeries mouse pad is for you! Fall in love with the consistent responsiveness this mouse pad offers!


It features a goblin game art that won’t wear off. The surface provides super precision and holds your mouse in place. We wish it was a bit thicker!

Legendary Esports Status

For the past 15 years esports stars have chosen the SteelSeries QcK as their mousepad of choice.