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A simple magnetic solution for easy and secure attachment, full palm support with soft touch finish.

Dedicated multimedia controls

A clickable metal roller and media keys allow you to adjust volume and settings on the fly: change brightness, rewind, skip, pause and more, all at the touch of a button.

Best Steelseries Keyboard Of 2021

SteelSeries has been a pioneer in bringing innovation in the field of gaming since 2001. By the efforts of its founder Jacob Wolff-Petersen and his team, it became successful. This Danish manufacturer has always been preoccupied with becoming the trendsetter. It strives to meet all gamers’ needs.


To begin with, SteelSeries first introduced a glass mousepad, namely “The Icemat” in the market. Icemat replaced the typical ball mouse. After this remarkable invention, they introduced a mechanical keyboard. It revolutionized the whole concept of a gaming keyboard. Because they had switches under the keys consisting of a hard plastic called the stem. It contains springs underneath. Which provides smooth effect while typing and made gaming a real fun. They also created the first suspended headband for gaming headsets and other innovations. The SteelSeries team is making products that push gaming to levels further than any gamer’s dream.


The SteelSeries also introduced a 6G mechanical switch keyboard with zero ghosting. In 2006 which was much appreciated by professional gamers. The first ambidextrous gaming mouse with an LCD display is also among the great products. SteelSeries is amongst the topnotch gaming products manufacturing companies.

1.SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex pro is a masterpiece. Over 35 years back, mechanical switches were invented in keyboards. Since then, Apex Pro is regarded as the most significant leap because of Omni-switches. Above all the apex Pro comes with 8x faster response, 5x faster actuation, and double the durability.


It comes with an OLED smart display which gives a soothing effect to its users. It is capable of delivering information straight from applications. The Omni-Point switches are copyrighted switches by SteelSeries. The actuation force can also be set as desired by the user. It is powered by SteelSeries Engine software. Each key can be adjusted to meet the user’s preferred sensitivity level. Regardless of the type of use, like in-office work, gaming, or anything else. The keys are programmable with SteelSeries software.

2.SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The word TKL means 10 Key Less. When it comes to TKL keyboards or 60 percent keyboards, SteelSeries never disappoint its users. This keyboard has fantastic software support and features. It has complete keyboard RGB Backlihghts. The dedicated macro keys and an OLED display is great. Moreover, the tactical switches give a smooth and light typing experience, especially for gamers. As mentioned above, the macro keys can be controlled via SteelSeries software called Engine software. Macro keys can also be controlled directly from the keyboard .


Coming to the ergonomics, it is a masterpiece itself. It also has single incline settings that fold its legs when pushed forward. As compared to the Apex Pro the price is less. Moreover, the finishing is fantastic. The texture is a rubber soft that gives a lovely feel. Actuation point of this keyboard and responsiveness is excellent. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is runner up in the list of SteelSeries Keyboard.

3.SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming keyboards’ performance, the Apex 5 Is considered a topnotch gaming high-performance keyboard. Many gamers have said that the keys of this keyboard are incredibly soft to click. But they have never seen accidental or sloppy touch. The keyboard’s linear key build is the reason that the gamers experience good grip while typing.


The OLED display on top of the keyboard has promising features. The user can customize the display with gifs, incoming discord messages, game info, and other keyboard settings of the keyboard. The SteelSeries Engine software provides customization of keyboard functions and per-key programmability. This lets the user set the keyboard’s sensitivity and actuation of his own choice.


The gamers can also set numerous profiles where different customized patterns can be saved concerning backlighting, OLED display features, keyboard’s sensitivity, and much more. The keyboard is powered with per-key RGB illumination that the user can set according to his will. The RGB illumination gives a beautiful look and smooth gaming experience which helps it to become the part of the list of SteelSeries Keyboard.

4.SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard

To begin with, SteelSeries Apex 3 is not a mechanical keyboard, but it is a membrane keyboard. It does possess RGB lighting and magnetic wrist rest. It also contains a rolling cylinder switch multimedia buttons identical to the rest of the SteelSeries family. Its multimedia button is so helpful in adjusting volume while gaming. In short, the gamers don’t feel even a bit interrupted while adjusting volume during gaming.


Even there is an option to turn off the RGB if the user requires it by merely using engine software. The response time of this machine is remarkable. However, it is less as compared to other more advanced members of this family. The price is, however, much low as compared to Apex Pro & Apex 7. But still, this incredible keyboard is heavily featured concerning RGB features and soft touch.  


The Apex 3 is IP32 water-resistant. Moreover, it can resist getting water damage. But exposing it to deep water may cause its working failure. It protects from accidental liquid spills. Talking about gaming the Apex3 is a good go as its volume adjustability by a wheel. The multimedia controls make it much easier for users to adjust volume and multimedia settings while gaming. But, talking about proper use like at work it might not be that much suitable for use in the office.

5.SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The apex 7 is a high ranked keyboard by steel series. It is powered with all excellent features that a topnotch gaming keyboard should have. It comes in two variants Apex 7 and Apex 7TKL(Tenkeyless). Elements of both these keyboards are almost the same, but the apex 7 has a numeric keypad on the right side that gives it a more complete look.


There is a wheel that can be seen on the keyboard’s top that controls volume as well as other media and OLED controls. The OLED screen is so featured that the user can change settings and profiles without even minimizing the game. It can be virtually customized following the user’s need. Its tactical switches are responsive.So, that they react at split seconds without using much Force.


Coming to the ergonomics, it is a masterpiece itself. It also has single incline settings that fold its legs when pushing forward. In addition, price is less as compared to the Apex Pro that makes it enjoyable to buy. Its finishing is fantastic, and texture is rubber soft that gives a lovely feel. Its actuation point is also excellent, while its response time is quicker than most of its competitors.

6.SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Deliver winning strokes with this SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical gaming keyboard. The compact size helps save space on your desktop, while onboard memory stores frequently used macros and RGB lighting settings. This SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical gaming keyboard features a detachable wrist rest and adjustable switches for added comfort during marathon sessions.


First-of-its kind adjustable mechanical switches for customizable per-key sensitivity,8x faster response, 5x faster actuation, and 2x durability,OLED Smart Display delivers information straight from games and apps,Series 5000 Aircraft grade aluminum frame,Detachable soft touch magnetic wrist rest

7.SteelSeries Apex 100 Gaming Keyboard

The first thing you’ll notice about the Apex 100, if you get the chance to use one, is how heavy it is. While it doesn’t have the imposing heft of a mechanical keyboard, it is far sturdier than you’d expect from a membrane keyboard. It’s another example of SteelSeries’ trickle down design, as it looks similar to the company’s Apex M500 mechanical keyboard. To that end, it eschews the curves and the macro keys of the Apex M800, and the comfort features like the wrist guard on the Apex 300.


It’s solid and chunky, with a matte design that’s accentuated with glossy angled stripes. I can’t say the glossy accents excite me much, and I’d much prefer a plain matte keyboard, but I digress. The underside of the keyboard has two stands that allow you to elevate the keyboard in two positions. They’ve got rubber feet, which along with two more at the base of the keyboard stops the thing from sliding around during heated gaming sessions. Its also got two slits at the bottom, which are for draining liquids in case you happen to spill your drink on it. It’s not waterproof to any significant degree, but a single small spillage shouldn’t mean that it’s destined for the bin. The Apex 100 uses a single USB port (polling at 1000hz), with no pass-through ports or even cable trenches.

8.SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Apex M750 is a remarkable milestone achieved by the SteelSeries in terms of mechanical keyboards. Its design is good with an aluminum alloy frame that gives it a stylish look. The keycaps are not ABS. However, the M750 is using UV coated keycaps. With ultra-violet light, these UV coated key-caps are activated.


This UV coating after activation protects the keyboard from fading and other similar damages. The QX2 switches give the actuation point of 2mm and 4mm travel distance. Which is quite good for gaming. The M750 provides 50 million key presses that are quite a lifetime. With the M750, the company updated its Engine software. It allows even more customizations and settings than before. Furthermore, it comes with plenty of features. Third Generation QX2 linear switches, Anti-ghosting, RGB illumination for visual appeal, and much more. The QX2 linear switches by the SteelSeries M750 make the typing smooth as silk.


The typing is moderately smooth. It is designed for gaming only. It is not much easy in-office use. The keyboard has raised keys from the frame. Due to this, it catches dust. The build quality of this keyboard is excellent. The aluminum alloy frame adds much to its durability and also results in good appearance. The body texture feels good. Moreover, the keyboard comes in good size.

USB passthrough port

Avoid crawling behind your desk: insert a flash drive, wireless transmitter, or USB device directly into the keyboard.